5.0 x 50mm T25 Torx Self Countersinking Screws

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Fully Threaded Torx Head Self Countersinking Screws

Screw Head: T25

Screw Length: 50mm

Screw Size: 5.0

Material: Gold Zinc Plated Steel (waxed)

Qty: 1 box of 200 screws (by weight)

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Torx Head Self Countersinking Screws

  • Top quality zinc plated wood screws with a self countersinking head
  • They have deep sharp threads that cut into the wood, not forcing through
  • Penetrating tip that requires no pilot hole or pre-drilling
  • Heat treated to ensure they are hard and resistant to snapping
  • For use in soft or hard wood, MDF or chipboard
  • Torx heads and wax lubricated for the easiest driving

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