3.5mm x16mm PZ2 Woodscrews

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Fully Threaded Pozidrive Twin Threaded Round Headed Woodscrews

Screw Head: PZ2

Screw Length: 16mm

Screw Size: 3.5

Material: Zinc Plated Carbon Steel

Qty: 1 box of 200 screws (by weight)

140 in stock

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These Timco Twin Threaded Round Headed Screws are our new favorite screw for the fixation of tee-nuts.

They are fast and reliable to install thanks to the twin threads which also means greater pullout resistance.

The round head with its flat base allows the tee-nut to sit flush meaning the tee-nut can be tightened securely.

Piloting is not required.

Suitable for use in most timbers especially plywood.




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Weight .195 kg
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 3.5 cm