Climbing Wall ServicesClimbing Wall Services

Repairs & Maintenance Service

Maintaining your wall properly can be a daunting task, but with years of experience we can help to maximise its lifespan safely and efficiently.

  • Recent repair work includes:
    • Sub-structure repairs
    • Load testing
    • Fibreglass panel repair
    • Safety flooring installation
    • Bolt on hold insert replacement and testing
    • Replacement of main anchor bolts
    • Wooden panel repair and replacement
    • Main anchor testing
    • Safety flooring repairs
    • Corrosion treatment

We provide repair work for all types of walls. From school traverse walls to dedicated centres, safety is of the utmost importance and when you have a problem we can be there providing a quick and efficient service.

Why Us?


Quality Assured

Constantly updating our procedures to ensure best practice.


Experience matters

With years of experience we offer the highest level of service to our customers.



Clearly defining each step of the process, to keep you informed.


Health & Safety

Dynamic assessment of your site to provide the highest standard.