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5-Axis CNC Manufacturing

Climbing Wall Services can provide bespoke prototyping and manufacturing using our state of the art 5 Axis CNC milling machine, right here in Sheffield.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible experience from the first contact,  through to receiving your finished products. Our team are passionate about providing the highest-quality wooden CNC created products and components, and will keep you up to date throughout your  project.

5-Axis CNC milling allows us to produce complex components with great speed and accuracy. The precision of this type of production mean that we can provide finer edges, a greater range of shapes and, once set-up, produce large volumes of your product much more quickly than with any other process.

Our bespoke CNC manufacturing services focus on climbing industry related products. We supply high quality climbing wall panels, with 1mm bevelled edges; delivered t-nutted, textured and coloured. We also manufacture volumes and wooden holds, both for our own brands and other key industry suppliers.

If you have a product that is suitable for 5-Axis CNC production, please contact us HERE.

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