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M7 Stainless Steel - Maillon - Quick Link



This is the maillon recommended for backing up Fixe 304 V hangs - it fits through the chain and into the hanger to isolate the top chain link.



Oval M7 Stainless Steel - Maillon also known as a quick link.

7mm stainless steel standard maillon Rapide

    • Rod: custom-made steel used in surface processing, providing complete strength towards traction

    • Nut: high safety steel (lead-free, systematic control carried out after drawing through Eddy currents and ultrasounds)

    • Surface processing made through electrolytic coating on the entire material (rod & nut)

    • Opening: 8.5mm

    • Overall length: 66mm

    • WLL: 900kg

    • BL: 45kN

    • Maillon Rapide (PPE Industry/PPE Mountain)