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Beta Finger Tape 1.5cm x 10m



BetaTape - Support Tape 1.5cm x 10m (Narrow Width)

  • Highly supportive and adhesive support tape

  • Helps to support fingers and finger injuries

  • Very easy to tear in any direction

  • Durable and tough

  • Tape of choice of the Wide Boyz - Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker

  • Width: 1.5cm

  • Length: 10m roll

Beta Tape (previously known as Dream Tape and Strappal Sport Tape) is a non-stretch, highly adhesive support tape for climbers, used for strapping fingers, pulleys and wrists. It is also provides excellent protection when used as hand strapping for crack climbing, and is the tape of choice for the Wide Boyz - Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker.

BetaTape can be torn easily in either direction so you can get the perfect fit for your fingers or hand, and is very adhesive so you use less tape for support rather than wrapping it multiple times.