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Bee Kind & Climb Bar


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Natural Hand Balm Moisturiser made by Crash Matt Climbing in north London.

For use before and after you climb. It keeps your skin moisturised and healthy while climbing, and is a intensive skin repair for after climbing.

Made from locally sourced ingredients grown in the UK.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Rapeseed, Lavender and Yarrow.


How it works: Yarrow oil is a natural astringent that opens the pores in your skin allowing it to be absorbed much faster then other products, because of this it can be used before climbing allowing the climber to moisturise dry skin to help the skin become more elastic and prevent further damage. All the ingredients in this balm are good for your skin. Using it after climbing helps your skin get all the natural nutrients it needs to repair itself.

How to use: Apply to your hands before and after climbing especially focusing on dry skin as this will prime the skin to keeping it hydrated making it become more elastic. Make sure it has fully absorbed into your skin before climbing. For best result wash hand with soap and water before applying it to your hands. Avoid putting it in your eyes.

Crash Matt Climbing is run solely by climber, Matt George, from his home in north London where he makes all his products. His aim is to offer products that are not only top quality, but are ethically sourced using sustainable UK grown ingredients. 15% of  Matt's profits are donated to charities and climbing funds.