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Detailed description

    • Comfortable one-size-fits-all harness without gear loops:
      - one size fits a wide range of sizes, thanks to the adjustment options at the waistbelt (58 to 110 cm) and leg loops (35 to 65 cm)
      - easily adjustable with movable waistbelt padding (Petzl patent) once the harness is donned
      - waistbelt and leg loops padded for comfort during suspension
      - two tie-in points and a belay loop, like a classic harness, to reproduce tie-in techniques and boost user autonomy
    • Facilitates the routine of the instructor and staff:
      - one size reduces the quantity of equipment required
      - harness donning is simplified, thanks to the separated positioning of the two elasticated rear straps
      - donning made easy with the color contrasts on the waistbelt and leg loops (gray foam inside, black outside)
      - adjustment with DOUBLEBACK buckles for quick, fluid tightening
      - excellent grip on webbing ends for tightening waistbelt and leg loops
      - identification and special marking areas on outside of harness
      - individual identification is durable, to facilitate management of the equipment inventory
    • Excellent durability:
      - strong webbing that remains fluid to adjust, for intensive use
      - very durable tie-in points, thanks to special flexible reinforcement and a colored wear indicator integrated in the lower bridge
      - elasticated rear straps are adjustable and extremely durable
      - easy to clean


    • Material(s): high-strength polyester webbing, closed-cell foam, polyester
    • Certification(s): CE, EN 12277 type C, UIAA 105


SKUs C024BA00
Color(s) black
Waist belt 58-110 cm
Leg loops 35-65 cm
Weight 490 g
Guarantee 3 years
Packing 1



Comfortable adjustable harness without gear loops


ASPIR LT is a harness without gear loops designed for introductory indoor and outdoor climbing. The movable waistbelt padding ensures comfort for users of all sizes. Like a classic harness, it is equipped with two tie-in points to reproduce tie-in techniques and boost user autonomy. The identification and marking areas simplify management of the equipment inventory. The reinforced tie-in points and thick webbing make it very durable for intensive use.