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S-Tec ENForcer Backup Device



The S-Tec EN Forcer is an industrial rope access back up device that complies to the EN 12841 - 2006 Type A standard and is tested for a two person rescue load.

This is the device we mainly use for rope access jobs and Route Setting - and we like it! Simple robust design and super easy to use.

The EN Forcer is made of stainless steel and has an anti-squeeze side protector, making it stronger and more durable than the standard S-Tec Duck R.

It also complies with the ANSI Z359.1 2007, NBR 14626:2010 (Brazilian), CA 36677 & CA 36678 standards, making it suitable for use globally.

Great for use in geo-technical work where dirt can clog up some other devices and as a rope access back-up device for those working off-shore.

Material: stainless steel

Weight: 395g

Rope Diameter: 10.5mm - 12mm



The EN Forcer is a non-aggressive device and during correct operational use it will not damage ropes. In emergency deployment, with the exception of very minor glazing, a properly used EN Forcer will lock on to the back-up rope without causing serious damage to itself, its lanyard, karabiners or to the rope.

The user is responsible for ensuring the combination of all components in the rope access system do not adversely affect the performance of any item with due regard to all user instruction.

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